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Samsung Galaxy S4: "Chasseur d'Images" review

By Chasseur d'Images - Wednesday July 24 2013

Mobile Review
Introduction | Android boosted by Samsung | Getting started & ergonomics | A plethora of ways to explore | Field Impressions | Measurements | Conclusion



The Pros:

  • impressive detail when shooting in bright light with a very significant improvement over the 8 Mpix S3.
  • fast autofocus and precise, in auto and in user-selected mode
  • correct auto exposure, even in broad daylight in difficult conditions (high-contrast, backlighting)
  • pleasant and saturated colors
  • good quality of the flash images.

The Cons:

  • loss of details in low light, due to excessive noise reduction.
  • under tungsten lighting, brownish tint in dark areas in low light.



The Pros:

  • good color rendition.
  • good reproduction of fine details (textures, richly detailed subjects).

The Cons:

  • aliasing (stair effect) sometimes noticeable
  • in low-light scenes, digital noise very present and poorly controlled.
  • high noise in low light conditions.
  • disappointing video stabilization system.
  • auto focus inaccuracies in low light.

Translation by Kevin Carter