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Canon PowerShot G15 review: Have Canon got the balance right?

By Kevin Carter - Thursday November 29 2012

Sensor Review
Introduction | Canon PowerShot G15 sensor performance | Canon PowerShot G15 versus competition | Conclusion
Canon PowerShot G15
Canon PowerShot G15

With a DxOMark sensor score of 46, the Canon PowerShot G15 actually (disappointingly) comes in behind its predecessor, the 10.1MP G12 (with its CCD based sensor), albeit by just one point. However coming 162nd in the overall DxOMark rankings, the raw sensor performance of the G15 fares a little better when viewed against last year’s rivals such as the Panasonic Lumix DMC LX5 and Nikon P7100, ranked 164th and 165th respectively. We’ve yet to assimilate the data for this year’s LX7 and P7700 models, but the G12’s higher 157th placement shows a slight hike in pixel count may be impacting Canon’s lead in sensor performance. We’ll have to wait and see.

Canon PowerShot G15
In low light noise tests the G15 is marginally ahead of the older Nikon LX5 and Nikon P7100

The Canon PowerShot G15 delivers no improvement in Low Light ISO at 165 over the G12’s 161. Individual scores of 19.9 Bits for Portrait (Color Depth) and 11.5 Evs for Landscape (Dynamic Range) are both considered to be good but are behind the best performers in this class, which are currently the older Canon PowerShot S100 and Fuji X10 (though it should be noted the Fuji sensor is a slightly larger format, albeit still <4:3).

Canon PowerShot G15
The Canon G15 holds up well against the older S100 but is still behind the Fuji X10