Canon PowerShot G1X Review

Tuesday January 31 2012

Camera Review
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The best compact camera ever made

As is our habit, let’s compare the G1X with its principal competitors, first within the same category (i.e., compact cameras):

Canon PowerShot G1X vs Nikon P7100 vs Panasonic LX5

Canon PowerShot G1X vs Olympus XZ1 vs Samsung EX1

When it comes to the G1X’s performance, there is no contest here:

  • A DxOMark score of nearly 20 points more than its closest competitor.
  • 2 more bit of color depth.
  • And most notably, nearly 2 stops better for low-light ISO.

These results aren’t really such a surprise: the PowerShot G1X’s much larger format allows the sensor to capture much more light, which means a proportionate diminishing of noise.

Given these results, we cannot help but congratulate the manufacturer for putting this kind of sensor into a compact camera. Up until now, the entire compact category relied on the same sensors as the lowest-level compact cameras, which meant that their usefulness was restricted.

The Canon compact: a superb success!

Let’s take a look at the evolution of the GX PowerShot line. No debate here - Canon changed the sensor and the results are spectacular!

Canon PowerShot G1X vs G12 vs G11