Nokia Lumia 1020 sensor review: Are mobiles comparable to compacts and DSLRs?

By Kevin Carter - Friday January 24 2014

Mobile Review
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Compared to the 12-Mpix Canon PowerShot S120 and Nikon Coolpix P330, the Nokia, with its much higher pixel density, is around – 1 stop behind in sensor performance.

At base ISO the Canon has the equivalent of +2/3 stop improvement over the Nokia in color sensitivity, while the Nikon is slightly less capable but still around +1/2 stop better than the mobile. The two compact cameras also have superior dynamic range, with the Canon and Nikon models showing a +1.5 and +1.3 Ev improvement, respectively. In low light the story is pretty much the same, with the Canon having around a +1 stop advantage over the Nokia, while the Nikon has slightly less of an advantage of around +2/3 stop in sensitivity.