Samsung Galaxy S4: "Chasseur d'Images" review

By Chasseur d'Images - Wednesday July 24 2013

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Reference Pattern DxOMark

At 20 Lux under tungsten lighting, the white balance is correct and the colors are solid, but the S4 Galaxy defaults to strong underexposure... as is the case for many other smartphones.

At 700 Lux under natural lighting (picture in daylight conditions), the color balance is good. The test scene is rendered very well, even in the face of strongly contrasting subjects. It is outdoors, in bright light, that the S4 delivers the best pictures and maximizes the potential of its 13 megapixel sensor.


Tungsten (20 lux)


Day light (700 lux)


Autofocus is fast and accurate both in auto and trigger mode with very few overshooting.


Low light


High light

Color shading


Artificial light (A) - 20 lux


Day light (D50) - 700 lux

Color accuracy

Measurements under controlled laboratory sources indicate a white balance adversely affected by underexposure on everyday subjects, resulting in a brownish rendering. In daylight, the color balance becomes excellent with natural, rich, saturated colors.


Artificial light (A) - 20 lux


Day light (D50) - 700 lux


Good overall image quality with or without additional light source: nice colors, good exposure and sharp details.


Flash uniformity, 5 Lux



Detail, acutance & visual noise

Highlight details are exceptionally well rendered. Below 100 lux, the acutance decreases and the noise increases. To compensate for this phenomenon, Samsung clearly applies a smoothing of the details and gives an impression of blur on certain textures (hair, leaves...).