Sony Xperia Z2 overview: Revised model takes first place in Mobile rankings

By Kevin Carter - Monday April 07 2014

Mobile Review
Overview | Sony Xperia Z2 still image: impressive quality | XZ2: high end video smartphone

The Sony Xperia Z2 is the best performing cameraphone in our database for stills. It employs clever pixel down-sampling, like the Nokia Pureview models to reduce noise levels and for smaller; more easily shared 8-Mpix equivalent photos.

Detail retention is excellent, and superior to the majority of rivals. In addition, users can choose the native 20.7-Mpix output if required.  but they’re obviously more cumbersome to upload, and may cost more in data charges, depending on individual contracts.


Sony Xperia Z2 shows some slight white-balance inaccuracies indoors (at 20 Lux).

Noise levels are suitably low in all lighting conditions, and what noise can be seen is a barely distracting fine-grained monochrome speckling. Outdoors the Z2 has good exposure accuracy and pleasing color in various conditions. White-balance erred slightly with a yellow bias under slightly brighter indoor lighting (20 lux) and occasionally with a slight blue bias outdoors. Despite the different biases, colors remained pleasing.


Fine detail rendition is very good across the image frame and is an improvement over the majority of rivals at 8-Mpix.

Color shading is a typical issue with camera-phones, one that its predecessor suffered from, and although there’s some evident under certain indoor lighting (tungsten, 100 lux), outdoors it’s barely noticeable. Not that there aren’t any downsides.

Depending on the conditions, some images show fringing on high-contrast edges, while ringing and maze type artifacts may also be visible at times. Flare is also an occasional problem but that’s not unexpected given the unshielded lens.