Best lenses for the 24-MPix Nikon D3200: Concise overview

By Kevin Carter - Wednesday December 11 2013

Lens Recommendations
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We thought we would compare the entry-level D3200 with the D5200. Both share the same 24-Mpix sensors but they’re sourced from to different vendors. Both feature anti-aliasing (AA) filters and unsurprisingly perhaps, when analyzed using the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8, sharpness was effectively the same, measured as 14P-Mpix on both.

(Note that Nikon has announced the D5300, boasting the same 24-Mpix sensor but now lacking an AA filter.)


While we’ve yet to analyze the Nikon D5300, we have had the opportunity to compare the D3200 with the Nikon D7100, a camera with a similar pixel count and lacking an AA filter as the D5300.

When mounted with the same lens, the D7100 achieved a higher peak sharpness value of 17P-Mpix, suggesting an increase of up to 3P-Mpix (around 20%) may be possible by removing the AA filter with this sensor and lens.

Note that the removal of the AA filter in these cameras may result in unwelcome moiré or color artifacts in stills and, potentially, in video as well, where it’s much more difficult and time consuming to remove.