Best lenses for the Sony A5000: Part II - Best zooms

By Kevin Carter - Thursday May 22 2014

Lens Recommendations
Introduction | Best zoom lenses for the Sony A5000 | Best standard zoom under $500 | Best telephoto zoom under $400

Best telephoto zoom under $400

Although the 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 has a very useful range, this lens is much more affordable and it has the added benefit of stabilization – an essential feature at the longer end of the zoom range where the initial aperture drops to f6.3 (actually T6.9). Wide-open performance at 210mm is similar though this model has slightly softer corners still over the more expensive model.

Sony E55-200mm

At the shorter focal lengths the 55-210mm is the better performer – it’s sharper in the centers and has slightly better sharpness across the field when stopped down. Above 135mm this model also has much lower distortion and it’s especially noticeable at 200mm however the more expensive model has better control of vignetting and chromatic aberration, although in fairness levels are high at the shorter focal lengths. At the telephoto settings, the 55-210mm has lower CA than its pricier sibling

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