Best lenses for your Canon EOS 700D: more than 120 lenses tested!

By Kevin Carter - Monday June 10 2013

Lens Recommendations
Introduction | 700D best lenses (prime and zoom) | Standard zooms, primes, and moderate telephoto lenses | Super zooms wide-angles and telephoto lenses | Conclusion

Choosing an APS-C camera over a full-frame model leads to some difficult choices for lenses – there are far fewer models designed specifically for the smaller format, especially wide-angle primes. Be that as it may, there are still plenty of capable wide-angle and standard zooms available. If versatility is paramount, the ‘super-zoom’ can’t be beaten. With some of the newer, less-extreme models we’ve shown that the optical performance can be nearly as good without having to pay a hefty premium. At focal lengths over 135mm, the choices favour the APS-C format where the smaller sensor with the 1.6x crop factor allows more affordable shorter focal length full frame models to be chosen without losing the benefit of the lens’ relative maximum aperture.

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