Best lenses for your Sony NEX-7: 14 wide-angle, standard and telephoto models analyzed!

By Kevin Carter - Wednesday July 03 2013

Lens Recommendations
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Sony E 50mm F1.8 OSS mounted on Sony NEX-7:


One of the few E-mount lenses to boast optical image stabilization (OSS or Optical SteadyShot as Sony call it) the Sony E 50mm f/1.8 OSS has the best DxOMark score of the bunch. While that score is used for benchmarking it’s always a good idea to examine the individual metric scores. Chromatic aberration and distortion are extremely well controlled, while both transmission and vignetting are at the expected levels for a lens like this. As for sharpness, the pair achieve a good (but not great) 13P-Mpix score out of a maximum of 24P-Mpix. Given the spec and performance, at $350 the lens is good value.