CANON EOS 650D review: Strictly Status Quo

Monday October 08 2012

Sensor Review
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Sensor performance: Disappointing


With DxOMark Score of 62, the Canon EOS 650D is frankly disappointing. It is in only 93rd place in our DxOMark sensor performance rankings, tied with the EOS 400D that came out in 2006, and with the EOS 20D that came out in 2004!

As for color depth, the EOS 650D with its 21.7 bits places 102nd among all cameras. As we will see below, this performance is lower than that of the 600D.

The EOS 650D score of 11.2EV for dynamic range puts this Canon in 91st place in the general rankings. Canon has certainly not made any progress in this area with this camera.

With a low-light score of 722 ISO, the EOS 650D is in 61st place — a better position than for the other criteria, yes, but it’s the same score as for the EOS 20D. Canon has made significant progress in processing JPEG images, and this level of sensitivity (still quite interesting, allied as it is to a DIGIC 5 processor) results in quality images at high ISO. The 650D’s 18 Mpix resolution allows it to “drown” noise better than cameras with lower resolution.

Its sensitivity results put the EOS 650D’s sensor in the same ranks as older “sensors of reference,” but keep it far, far away from the current top 5 APS-C digital cameras such as the Pentax K-5 (11th place in the overall rankings), the Nikon D3200 (12th), the Nikon D7000 (18th), the Sony Alpha 580 (19th), and the Nikon D5100 (20th place).