Canon EF-M 22mm f2.0 STM lens review: compact prime with high image quality

By Kevin Carter - Wednesday September 11 2013

Lens Review
Introduction | Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM performance | Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM mounted on Canon EOS M Versus Nikon Coolpix A Lens | Conclusion


We’ve compared the Canon EF-M 22mm with the slightly wider fixed 28mm f/2.8 equivalent found on the APS-C Nikon Coolpix A. The Nikon lens is just ahead of the Canon, scoring a DxOMark score of 22 but it has similar sharpness, slightly higher distortion and similar CA. Vignetting is lower as well (as you might expect from a sensor with no AA filter and micro-lenses designed to reduce shading) but the two lenses are very close and are both excellent performers overall.