Canon EOS-1 DX: The best of Canon’s full-frame sensors

Wednesday October 31 2012

Sensor Review
Introduction | Canon EOS-1 DX sensor performance | Canon EOS-1 DX versus competition | Conclusion

A good compromise between predecessors that doesn’t match competitors

The Canon EOS 1D X performed acceptably across the board and looks to be a successful compromise as an update to both the 1D Mark IV (with better color depth and overall quality) as well as the 1Ds Mark III (with better low-light performance).  Sports shooters will have to cough up more cash now, but in return they’ll get the benefits of a higher-resolution, full-frame sensor and significantly better images with a bump in speed nevertheless.

The 1D X doesn’t match up to the Nikon D4 in most tests, and costs $800 more, with image quality that is more comparable to the D4’s predecessor (which can still be purchased for $1,600 less), but the reality on both fronts is that a professional photographer who already has invested in Canon lenses is unlikely to jump ship to either of the Nikons (especially since the D4’s feature set is so similar to the 1D X). But neither is a dedicated Nikon shooter going to run and buy the Canon 1D X.