Canon EOS 1100D, DxOMark review for the new Canon entry-level body

Wednesday March 16 2011

Sensor Review
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Compared to EOS 1000D: Improvement?

Comparing the EOS 1100D to the EOS1000D reveals very few differences. The Overall score for both bodies is similar (62), as are the scores for Portrait and Landscape. Thus at first sight, if the technical recipe used to build the EOS 1100D is different, it has had very little impact on the metrics.

The only point for which the 1100D shows a slight difference is its low-light ISO score, improving the metric by 36 ISO.
When the detailed metrics are analyzed, the similarity is more than obvious. The SNR is almost identical, and so is the tonal range measurement.

A few differences are noticeable in the dynamic range analysis, in which the 1100D behaves better than the 1000D at ISO 400 and higher.

But on the other hand, the EOS 1100D ranks below its predecessor where color sensitivity is concerned, with a curve steadily below that of the 1000D. However, we measured these metrics using a preproduction sample. This might explain the performance, although the sensor in the EOS 450D (similar to that of the EOS 1100D) has exactly the same color sensitivity metrics as those of the EOS 1100D.

So the EOS 1100D sensor doesn’t have much greater quality than its predecessor. It is a bit better in low-light conditions, but just barely. The main differences are the increase in definition, the use of 14 bits per pixel coding instead of 12, and the movie function implemented in the camera.

Similarly, the color sensitivity measured on the NEX 5 sensor is 1 bit better than that for the EOS 1100D below ISO 800.

These metrics indicate that although the hardware basis has changed, the still-picture performance has not. Or not much. —Which means that the most noticeable difference between the old and new generations are to be found directly on the spec sheet: better definition and video recording capability.

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