Canon EOS 1100D, DxOMark review for the new Canon entry-level body

Wednesday March 16 2011

Sensor Review
Introduction | Compared to Nikon D3100 & Sony SLT A33 | Compared to Sony NEX 5: High-end mirrorless or entry-level DSLR? | Compared to EOS 1000D: Improvement? | Conclusion


The Canon EOS 1100D looks pretty much like a revamping of the EOS 1000D, adding video and a few more pixels on the sensor—a must-have for today’s DSLRs. But these changes have almost no impact on the image quality. Competing DSLRs such as the D3100 offer better features (better video recording capability), and others such as the Alpha SLT 33 deliver better metrics, helped by a much better dynamic range at low ISO. Leaving the store shelves won’t be so easy for the EOS 1100D.

But the fast-growing mirrorless segment, pushed by Sony Nex 5, will certainly be the most dangerous threat to these entry-level DSLRs, adding the smaller form factor to better image quality and solid video features.