Canon EOS 700D/REBEL T5i/Kiss X7i review: New ‘EOS for Beginners’ flagship DSLR offers no improvement in sensor scores

By Paul Carroll - Thursday May 02 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Canon EOS 700D/REBEL T5i/Kiss X7i sensor performance | Canon EOS 700D/REBEL T5i/Kiss X7i versus competition | Conclusion



A DxOMark Score of 61 ranks the 700D 119th for all sensor scores and it’s clear from the outset these scores aren’t impressive. In fact they’re towards the bottom for APS-C DSLRs released in the last 5 years, only outclassing older options like the Nikon D40 (2006). Against recent competition, such as the $879 Nikon D5200 with a DxOMark Score of 84, or the great value $598 Sony SLT Alpha 58 with a DxOMark Score of 74, the Canon is looking like the gooseberry at the party.

Things don’t improve much in the Portrait and Landscape scores either, which, with 21.7 bits and 11.2 Evs respectively, both rank 125th overall. The EOS 700D’s Low-light ISO score of 681 ISO is its best aspect, placing it 90th for APS-C sensors.