Canon EOS 700D/REBEL T5i/Kiss X7i review: New ‘EOS for Beginners’ flagship DSLR offers no improvement in sensor scores

By Paul Carroll - Thursday May 02 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Canon EOS 700D/REBEL T5i/Kiss X7i sensor performance | Canon EOS 700D/REBEL T5i/Kiss X7i versus competition | Conclusion

Canon EOS 700D: More of the same from Canon

The 700D isn’t a significant improvement over its predecessor the 650D and with almost identical specifications and sensor scores they are effectively the same camera. Our Sensor Score analysis of APS-C DSLRs shows that while Nikon and Sony are making steady improvements the same can’t be said for Canon with none of their APS-C sensors breaking through the 70 points barrier. That said if you’ve invested in the EOS system but are after up to date entry-level Canon DSLR then now’s the time for a good deal on the 650D.