Canon EOS 70D review: how does the new dual pixel CMOS AF sensor perform?

By Kevin Carter - Wednesday August 28 2013

Sensor Review
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A DxOMark Sensor score of 68 is good for a Canon APS-C size sensor in fact it’s the best score the firm has achieved with this sensor size to date, but that’s only two points up on the best previous score of 66 points.

As a result, the scores for Color Depth, Dynamic Range and Low-Light ISO are all an improvement on earlier models but it’s an incremental increase on the EOS 60D. On the plus side, this sensor has the highest pixel density of any previous APS-C size sensor from the firm (which bodes well for fine detail rendering) while still offering the dual pixel construction with its unique AF capabilities required for video capture with the mirror locked up.


The Canon EOS 70D performs very well against its predecessors using an APS-C size CMOS sensor