Canon EOS 70D review: how does the new dual pixel CMOS AF sensor perform?

By Kevin Carter - Wednesday August 28 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Canon EOS 70D sensor performance | Canon EOS 70D vs 60D sensors: Incremental advance | Canon EOS 70D versus Nikon D7100 versus Sony SLT Alpha 77: not as competitive as it could be! | Conclusion


When related to rivals, the new Canon’s scores look sub par. Compared with the $1,199 Nikon D7100 with its 24.1-MPix CMOS sensor the EOS 70D has -1.0 stop less Color Depth, -2.0 stops less in Dynamic Range and around -0.2 (1/5) stop less in Low-light ISO scores.

Pitched against the 2011, $1,098 Sony SLT Alpha 77 (again using a 24-MPix CMOS) the Canon is still behind except on Low-Light ISO where there’s an improvement. In real world terms, however, it would be very hard to see any difference.