Canon EOS M2 review: Incremental upgrade

By Kevin Carter - Friday January 10 2014

Sensor Review
Introduction | Measurements: Canon EOS M2: On a par with current EOS APS-C sensors | Canon EOS M2 Versus Canon EOS 100D Versus Canon EOS M: Similar performance | Canon EOS M2 Versus Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 Versus Olympus PEN E-PM2:Competitive performance to MFT | Canon EOS M2 Versus Sony NEX-5T Versus Nikon 1 J3: Behind the best rival APS-C sensors | Conclusion


Canon openly admit the EOS M2 adopts the same sensor as the diminutive EOS Rebel SL1 (100D), so it comes as little surprise to see the two achieving similar scores from our labs. It’s also good to see that despite the addition of an indeterminate number of on-chip phase detection pixels, the EOS M2 has fundamentally the same performance as the earlier EOS M.