Canon EOS M2 review: Incremental upgrade

By Kevin Carter - Friday January 10 2014

Sensor Review
Introduction | Measurements: Canon EOS M2: On a par with current EOS APS-C sensors | Canon EOS M2 Versus Canon EOS 100D Versus Canon EOS M: Similar performance | Canon EOS M2 Versus Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 Versus Olympus PEN E-PM2:Competitive performance to MFT | Canon EOS M2 Versus Sony NEX-5T Versus Nikon 1 J3: Behind the best rival APS-C sensors | Conclusion


Against the APS-C format Sony NEX-5T, the EOS M2 doesn’t compare that favorably, at least in the lab results. It has around -1 stop less color depth at base ISO, and a -1.6 stop narrower exposure range (dynamic range). However the Canon does well in low light capabilities though it’s technically -1/3 stop behind the Sony. Compared to the 14-Mpix Nikon 1 J3, a camera using the same physical size sensor as the 20-Mpix Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100, the EOS M2 has around a 1 stop improvement in IQ overall.