Canon PowerShot G16 review: Small Wonder

By Kevin Carter - Tuesday October 22 2013

Sensor Review
Canon PowerShot G16 versus competition | Conclusion | Introduction | Canon PowerShot G16 sensor performance

Canon PowerShot G16 Versus Canon PowerShot G15: Noteworthy Improvement

Compared to this camera’s predecessor, the PowerShot G15, Canon has achieved quite an improvement in image quality with the new model. Although there’s no real progress in color depth, dynamic range is about 1/3rd stop wider at base sensitivity, and there’s close to a ½ stop improvement in low light ISO.


Canon PowerShot G16 versus Canon PowerShot S120: Practically identical IQ

Compared to firm’s PowerShot S120, which shares a number of core technologies, the G16 actually is fractionally behind in IQ and therefore, our rankings.  In every-day picture taking, however, both models have fundamentally the same image quality.


Nikon Coolpix P7800 Versus Canon PowerShot G16: Two Giants go head to head

Compared with Canon’s traditional rival in this segment, the new Nikon Coolpix P7800, the G16 has marginally lower color depth, but both models were measured as having the same dynamic range. Where Canon made up the difference was with its low light performance. It achieved a very slight improvement in the Low-Light ISO scores, but in real world terms there’s nothing to separate the two in image quality.