Canon PowerShot G1X Review

Tuesday January 31 2012

Sensor Review
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Canon PowerShot G1X vs Fuji X100: two high end compact cameras, maybe not for the same photographer

Following excellent remarks on the DxOMark forum, we updated our Canon G1X review with this comparison.

The Fujifilm X100 was originally not included in our comparison of the Canon G1X with other compact cameras because of its prime lens and its lack of versatility. But, on second thought, they are indeed similar cameras:

  • Canon and Fujifilm designed these cameras for enthusiast photographers but without interchangeable lenses
  • Very similar sensor surface: 14.0 x 18.7 mm for the G1X and 15.8 x 23.6 mm for the X100
  • Small price difference: 800$ for the G1X and 1000$ for Fuji X100

What makes these 2 cameras really different:
 -    The very specific old fashioned design of the X100 seduces mainly savvy photographers
 -    The Canon Powershot G1X is really more versatile with its 4x zoom

On one side, the Fuji X100 was a real curiosity when it was launched last year. But it seduced a lot of savvy photographers - and the DxOMark team (see our X100 review). With its 1000 $ price tag and its fixed 23mm f/2.0 lens, the Fujifilm X100 was designed to please only the advanced photographers.

On the other side, the Canon Powershot G1X approaches the needs of enthusiast photographers with more versatility than the X100.

Despite the different approach, image quality is definitely a key success factor for both cameras. So, let’s have a look to the measurements:

Canon PowerShot G1X vs Fujifilm X100

No competition here, the fuji X100 is clearly ahead on every aspect. The G1X sensor has 2 limitations:

  • Its size: being smaller than the APS-C sensor of the X100, it gets slightly noisier
  • Canon's sensor lack of dynamic, as pointed out in our conclusion

To conclude, the Fuji X100 is unbeatable in terms of pure image quality, but its fixed non-interchangeable lens confines it to a particular type of photography. The G1 X is not ridiculous though, and thanks to its zoom lens covering a useful focal range, it is still a highly versatile camera that can deliver excellent results in most situations.