Canon PowerShot G1X Review

Tuesday January 31 2012

Sensor Review
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DxOMark measurements for the Canon PowerShot G1X

Let’s turn our attention now to the DxOMark lab results for the PowerShot G1X:

Canon PowerShot G1X

A DxOMark overall score of 60, (portrait) color depth at 21.7, dynamic range at 10.8, and low-light ISO at 644: clearly we are no longer in the typical world of compact cameras and their small sensors. The PowerShot G1X is achieving scores close to those for Canon’s entry-level reflex line (see the results of the Canon EOS 1100D, for example).

In concrete terms, what does all this mean?

  • You have a reflex-quality sensor in camera of the same volume as a G11.
  • You can use this camera even under relatively difficult conditions.
  • If you’re an amateur photographer, this camera can satisfy pretty much all of your needs (especially if you want to take great family photos, for example). If you’re a professional photographer, this can be a good backup camera.