Canon Powershot S110 review

By Ben Boswell - Wednesday November 14 2012

Sensor Review
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Canon S110
Canon S110

Sharing the same sensor as the Powershot S100, the S110 is positioned high on the scale among compact cameras with >4:3 sensors. The overall DxO Mark score of 48 places it third in this class but amazingly, just behind its predecessor the S100 which scored 50, matching the Fuji Finepix X10. Third in this large category is a very good result and the Fuji is rather more expensive but being beaten by the S100 seems to be a major failure on Canon’s part. However, for a camera with a sensor 5.5 x 7.5mm the results are still impressive. The individual scores: 20.6 bits for Portrait and 11.2 Evs for Landscape are both at the level at which DXO Mark would describe them as good for such a sensor, but the Sport score of ISO 168 is less impressive and in view of the increase in the specified maximum ISO, is disappointing.  

Canon S110
The signal to noise ratio for the Powershot S110 compared with the S100 shows virtually no difference.