DxOMark review: Which 50mm lens for my camera?

Wednesday December 22 2010

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Designed for the future?

The various tests presented in this article show that globally, 50mm lenses are quality optics, and even if their optical formulas are not particularly new, they are good performers. While certain optics, notably zoom lenses, have some difficulties adapting to the latest sensor definitions, the 50mm lenses more successfully answer the challenge. And in fact, if you look at the results of the Canon 50 mm f/1,8 II on such camera bodies as the EOS 40D, 50D and 7D (which with their APS-C sensors at 10Mpx, 15Mpx, and 18Mpx, respectively, represent a significant evolution of definition), you will see that that its limiting resolution has similarly evolved. In terms of optical resolution, the 50mm lenses respond well to the APS-C sensors’ most stringent demands.