DxOMark review for APS-C camera 2010 : who takes the lead ?

Monday January 24 2011

Sensor Recommendations
Introduction | Use Cases: K5, D7000 and A580 take the lead. | SNR: K5, D7000 and A580 at the top | Dynamic Range: K5 rules! | Case Study: D90 vs D7000 vs D700: | Conclusion

Use Cases: K5, D7000 and A580 take the lead.

Looking at the overall score, a clear trend appears. The Pentax K5 ranks top (82), just a bit ahead of the Nikon D7000 and the Sony Alpha 580 (both at 80); they are followed by the Alpha 55 (73) and the EOS 60D (60).

This overall score ranking is easily understood. The Pentax K5 takes the lead with an impressive Landscape score (relying mostly on the sensor’s dynamic range); the D7000 and Alpha 580 are extremely close to the K5, but a bit behind anyway. (Note that the difference is very tiny and should not be noticeable under normal conditions.)
At the other end of the scale, the Alpha 55 sensor is already handicapped by its semi-transparent mirror, with its dynamic range and above all its low-light ISO scores largely behind those of the first three models.

As for the EOS 60D, its sensor Use Case score for dynamic range and low-light ISO are among the lowest.
The Use Case scores define a clear pattern. Let’s take a more in-depth look at those figures.

Use case scores and overall score compared.