DxOMark review for the Samsung EX1, Canon Powershot G12, Nikon Coolpix P7000.

Wednesday December 01 2010

Sensor Review
Introduction | Comparing previous versions | G12 vs P7000 vs EX1: Which is the best ? | Expert compacts? | Conclusion

G12 vs P7000 vs EX1: Which is the best ?

The similarities among the three sensors used on each of our three models should normally result in a very close behavior as well.
But starting with the Overall score, differences arise. The G12 is clearly ahead with 47 points, while Samsung and Nikon score respectively 40 and 39 points. Two use cases are in favor of the G12: portrait, with a 20.4-bit color depth (more than 1 bit better than the other two), and low-light ISO, for which the G12 reaches 161 ISO, about 1/3 stop better than the Samsung EX1, with 129 ISO.

When we analyze the metrics, the close performance behavior of all the competitors is obvious, with SNR, dynamic range and tonal range being very close from one model to another.

Canon Powershot G12 vs Nikon Coolpix P7000 vs Samsung EX1 / SNR: The three curves are almost identical. The G12 has a slight advantage, especially in low ISO, where it is the only one to remain above 32 dB.
Canon Powershot G12 vs Nikon Coolpix P7000 vs Samsung EX1 / Color sensitivity Here the G12 has a clear advantage over its competitors, especially at 100 ISO and below, where its sensor is 1 bit ahead of the others. This is the only metric for which the G12 differs from the others. Tonal range and dynamic range metrics are almost identical for the three cameras.

In summary, the three cameras show very similar behavior, although the G12 has some slight advantage for very low ISO and a greater advantage for color sensitivity.