Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR review – A full-featured compact

By David Newton - Wednesday April 24 2013

Sensor Review
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Fujifilm FinePix F800EXR vs. Fujifilm XF1


The Fujifilm XF1 is a slightly higher model than the F800EXR in that it is aimed even further up the market. It offers a lower resolution and smaller zoom range, but more closely fits with the needs of advanced enthusiasts and professional photographers who historically shun the bells and whistles and for whom image quality is paramount.

In terms of base specifications, the XF1 gives away 4megapixels in resolution but features a larger sensor so low light performance is expected to be better. A focal range of 25mm-100mm means it has less versatility. However, for the same reason that prime lenses on DSLR cameras usually outperform zoom lenses, you must choose a trade-off between versatility and the associated compromises in design, or outright image quality. And the F800EXR and XF1 are at opposite ends of this spectrum.

 An overall score of 49 puts the Fujifilm XF1 11 places ahead of the F800EXR in the sensor rankings at 181st compared to 192nd. The improvements in the XF1 are not just confined to one area either – the F800EXR loses out in all areas of the DxOMark tests. In the portrait tests, the XF1 is 2/3rd stop better (20.5bits to 19.5bits). In the landscape tests the scores are closer but the XF1 is still 1/3rd stop better (11.2Evs to 10.9Evs) and it’s the same with the low-light ISO tests, with the XF1 scoring 1/2stop better than the F800EXR (199ISO vs. 143ISO).

These differences are almost entirely down to the different design aims of these two cameras, where a larger sensor with a lower resolution was chosen for the XF1, the F800EXR sticks with a smaller sensor and more additional features.