Fujifilm XF1 review: Stylish, creative controls and image quality amongst the best compacts

By Paul Carroll - Thursday March 07 2013

Sensor Review
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Fujifilm XF1: Amongst the best image quality for compact or high-end compact cameras

The XF1 utilizes Fujifilm’s EXR sensor technology, where the standard pixel configuration is rotated 45 degrees, which, Fujifilm claims, enhances resolution. With the camera set to EXR on the Mode Dial, the sensor intelligently switches between 3 EXR Modes, depending on the scene and available light:

  • Dynamic Range, or DR Mode, where half the pixels are underexposed. True resolution is divided in two, but a specific demosaicing process renders a full resolution image with wider Dynamic Range.
  • High Sensitivity, or SN Mode, where pixel fusion technology “mixes” pixels of the same color maintaining the full resolution, but with greater sensitivity.
  • High Resolution, or HR Mode, where all the pixels are exposed at the same level, rendering a “true” full resolution image.

To ensure a fair comparison with sensors from other manufacturers however, DxOMark presents Sensor Scores for the Fujifilm XF1 using a normal exposure mode and not EXR Mode.

Fujifilm XF1
Fujifilm XF1
Fujifilm’s XF1 utilizes a 12-megapixel EXR CMOS sensor that can intelligently switch between three different EXR modes based on the scene and lighting to improve either Dynamic Range, Sensitivity or Resolution.

With a DxOMark Overall Score of 49, the 12-megapixel 2/3rd-inch EXR sensor ranks in 177th place for all sensor on the database, and 12th for compacts and high-end compacts, showing us the Fujifilm XF1 has a great place amongst the pocket sized competition.

A Portrait (Color Depth) Score of 20.5 bits ranks 171th overall, 10th for compacts and demonstrates the XF1’s ability to capture great color at base ISO.

For Landscape (Dynamic Range), a score of 11.2Evs places the XF1 ranks 115th overall, and 13th for compacts.

Its Sports (Low-light ISO) Score of 199 ISO is 174th overall, but the best ranking for the XF1 in the compact category where it finishes in 9th. Whilst its ISO performance is strong amongst its peers, its score is too low to achieve good image quality under low-light conditions, and at high ISOs like ISO 3200 the XF1 drops below 18dB for SNR 18%.


Ranking in 12th place overall for all compact and high-end compacts on the DxOMark database the Fujifilm XF1 puts in a strong performance against its direct competitors.


Despite ranking 9th for Sports (Low-light ISO) amongst compact cameras the 2/3-inch sensor has a poor Signal to Noise Ratio of less than 20 dB at the maximum ISO3200 sensitivity.