Is the RX1 the compact photojournalists are waiting for?

By Paul Carroll - Tuesday January 08 2013

Sensor Review
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Ranking 4th overall in the DxOMark Sensor Score Ratings the Sony RX1 compact camera performs as well as and better than many professional DSLRs. Featuring the same full frame Sony CMOS sensor used in the Nikon D600 we already knew how impressive the results could be and engineering it into a compact shell with a fixed lens hasn’t negatively affected picture quality. ISO performance isn’t quite as good, but nearly, and Sony should be congratulated for pushing the boundaries of camera technology with the RX1.

For photojournalists needing to be discreet, travel light and produce stunning images the Sony RX1 is a unique option and for that it’s worth the money. Unfortunately the high cost currently puts it out of reach of others who’d love a camera like this. As the popularity of Hybrid cameras has shown though that there’s big demand in this sector, so don’t be surprised if other manufacturers follow Sony’s lead and help to drive down prices.

Sony RX1
Ranking 4th Overall the full frame sensor in the Sony RX1 compact camera both competes with and out performs professional DSLR cameras for image quality.