Is the RX1 the compact photojournalists are waiting for?

By Paul Carroll - Tuesday January 08 2013

Sensor Review
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Up there with the best

With a DxOMark Overall Sensor Score of 93 the Sony RX1 puts in an impressive performance currently 4th in our Overall Sensor Ratings just behind the Nikon D800E with 96, Nikon D800 with 95 and Nikon D600 with 94.

Placed 1st overall for high-end compacts the RX1 is streets ahead of the competition here. With 93 points the RX1 scores 20 points more than the 2nd place Fujifilm X100 with 73 and beats its sister model, the RX100, into 3rd with 66 points.

Sony RX1Sony RX1
Featuring a 24 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor the Sony RX1 high-end compact camera scores amazingly well in all 4 DxOMark Sensor Score categories.

Drilling down into the Portrait, Landscape and Sports scores results for the RX1 are no less impressive. With a phenomenal Landscape (Dynamic Range) score of 14.3Evs the RX1 is 2nd overall for Dynamic Range, only outdone by the 1st place Nikon D800, with 14.4Evs, and is just ahead of the Nikon D600’s 14.2Evs. Its Portrait (Colour Depth) score of 25.1bits is equal to the Nikon D600 and just in front of the 3rd place Nikon D3x with 24.7bits. The RX1 doesn’t quite live up to the performance of Nikon DSLRs in the Sports (Low-light ISO) category however where its score of 2534 ISO places it in 6th behind the D3s, D600, D800E, D4 and D800 but just ahead of the Canon 6D lying in 7th.