Nikon D5100 DxOMark Review

Thursday April 28 2011

Sensor Review
Introduction | Nikon D5000 vs Nikon D5100: An improved sensor | Nikon D5100 vs Nikon D7000: same sensor, same results | Nikon D5100 vs Canon EOS 600D, the dxomark comparison | Conclusion

As we expected, in all measures the D5100 is better than the D5000. The Overall score jumps from 72 to 80. Portrait, Landscape and Sports scores are all increased. The dynamic range is improved by more than one stop, and the Sports score is improved by 1/3 stop, jumping from 868 ISO for the D5000 to 1183 for the D5100.

The SNR measured for the D5100 sensor is better than that of the D5000, and the difference increases with the ISO sensitivity.
FujiFilm X100 vs. Sony NEX-5 Dynamic Range
As expected the Dynamic range graph shows really high values for the D5100, especially at low ISO settings. Note that between ISO 400 and ISO 3200 there is almost no difference between both generations.
FujiFilm X100 vs. Sony NEX-5 Dynamic Range

Tonal Range and Color Sensitivity show some improvements too, but not as remarkable as the previous ones. And here again, the difference grows as the ISO speed increases.

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