Nikon D5200 review: New sensor and new leader

By Kevin Carter - Friday January 18 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Nikon D5200 sensor performance | Nikon D5200 versus competition | Conclusion

With the introduction of the D3200 last year, the decision to refresh the APS-C (DX) format DSLR range from the entry-level model and now the D5200 with 24-megapixel sensors was a bold move for Nikon. The new sensors comfortably out-perform the current Canon offerings in practically every metric. And, by adopting a new sensor design in the D5200, it appears to be an attempt to differentiate that model from their entry-level camera while also overshadowing the Sony SLT Alpha 65.

In performance terms, the D5200’s Toshiba CMOS sensor does well to make advances on the already excellent chips to be found the firm’s existing DX camera range and shows a marked improvement over the earlier 24Mpix sensors found in the Sony Alphas. As for the features and creative possibilities the D5200, adopting the major modules from the highly regarded D7000 is a shrewd step while other tweaks such as the addition of Auto ISO selection, manual movie control, 20-step audio levels and an intervalometer all add up to an enticing and reasonably accessible package.