Nikon D5300 review: Filter-less DSLR with promise

By Kevin Carter - Wednesday November 13 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Nikon D5300 sensor performance | Nikon D5300 vs Nikon D5200 vs Nikon D3200: No improvement | Nikon D5300 vs Canon EOS 700D vs Sony SLT Alpha 58 | Conclusion

Compared with rival models from Sony and Canon, the D5300 maintains a competitive advantage in color depth, DR and low light capabilities, and that’s before assessing the effects on image sharpness from a higher pixel count and from removing the AA filter. When considered against its predecessor, or even the pricier D7100, the new model’s sensor performs similarly and so the iterative improvements in specification make the D5300 look very tempting, especially if on a budget.