Nikon D610 review: What's new?

By Kevin Carter - Friday October 18 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Nikon D610, one of the best sensor measured | Nikon D610 vs competition | Conclusion


With a DxOMark Sensor score of 94 points the image quality of the D610 is impressive and is the third best sensor measured using our system.

It’s just narrowly behind the firm’s 36Mpix D800 and D800E models but achieves the same overall score as its predecessor. This suggests that sensor is the same unit found in the D600.


Portrait (Color Depth): 25.1 bits.

In joint fifth place overall in our Portrait scores; the D610 achieves a very high score approaching that of the Phase One P40 in our database.  Although that and the P65+ aren’t the latest models from the firm, it’s an excellent result for the D610 (and the previous D600).


Dynamic Range (Landscape score): 14.4 EV

In terms of dynamic range, the D610 ranks in joint first place alongside the Nikon D800 with a DR of 14.4 EVs. Nikon occupies four of the top five positions in this category, however all the cameras listed adopt Sony-sourced sensors. Incidentally, the D610 is marginally ahead of the RX1, which is believed to adopt either the same or a very similar sensor. The scores appear to bear that out


Lowlight ISO: 2925

The Nikon D610 ranks in fifth place in the top five for low-light ISO scores in our database, but is still very close in real-world terms to the others. That’s especially true when you remove the Nikon D3s from the top spot, as it’s no longer made, and difficult to find new (if it can at all).