Nikon D750 Sensor Review: Another Nikon sensor in the DxOMark top 10

By Paul Carroll - Thursday October 23 2014

Sensor Review
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The Nikon D750’s 24.3Mp full frame sensor crashes through 90 points barrier to achieve an overall DxOMark Sensor Score of 93. That places it comfortably inside the top ten in the overall rankings and just behind the sensor scores from Nikon’s own D800 & D600 series, as well as the Sony a7R hybrid. The ‘newly developed’ higher resolution 24.3Mp sensor offers improved image quality over lower resolution Nikon sensors, such as those in the Nikon Df, D4 and D3s DSLRs. It is also notably ahead of other semi pro full frame offerings from Canon, such as the 5D MKII with 81 points or and EOS 6D with 82, where the D750 offers over 2/3rds of a stop better image quality.

If we take look at the sub scores behind the overall DxOMark score we can see that there’s somewhat of a varied performance from the D750’s sensor however. Whilst all three scores are excellent, its strong point is certainly Dynamic Range where its score of 14.5Evs places it in 2nd place overall for all sensors on our database. In fact the D750’s sensor is only 1/3rd stop behind class leading Nikon D810 with 14.8Evs, and ranks above both the Nikon D600 and Sony a7 series cameras for Dynamic Range.

For low-light ISO performance the D750 certainly holds its own too, with a score of ISO 2956 ranking it in 8th place overall. This is a very similar result to ISO on Nikon’s D600, D800E and D4 sensors and we can essentially say they offer the same quality in low light, despite the expanded sensitivity up to ISO 51,200. As you’d expect however lower resolution full frame sensors, such as those found in the Nikon Df and D3s, do offer a modest improvement over the D750 for ISO. The king for low light performance is still the Sony a7S, which with an ISO score of 3702 offers around 1/3rd stop better ISO than the D750.

It’s in the sub score of Colour Depth that the D750 lags a little behind however, with a score of 24.8 bits ranking 14th overall. That’s the same Colour Depth score as the lower resolution Sony a7, but the Nikon D810 & D610 do offer better colour. There’s not much in it between the D750 & D610, with scores of 24.8 bits vs 25.1 bits, but the class leading D810, D800E and Sony a7R sensors, with scores of 25.7/25.6 bits respectively, offer over 2/3rds of a stop better colour than the D750.