Nikon D750 Sensor Review: Another Nikon sensor in the DxOMark top 10

By Paul Carroll - Thursday October 23 2014

Sensor Review
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If we broaden out the analysis to look at scores from the full frame semi pro competition from Canon and Sony, the Nikon D750 comes out on top. With an overall DxOMark sensor score of 89 for the Sony a99, and 82 for the EOS 6D, the Nikon D750 offers 1/3rd stop better image quality than a99 and a 2/3rds of a stop improvement over the EOS 6D.

The Sony a99 wins for Colour Depth, but not by much, 25 bits compared to 24.8 bits for the D750, but both offer a 2/3rds of a stop better colour than the EOS 6D.

The difference in image quality really starts to show in the Dynamic Range and ISO categories however, where the D750 comes out top in both. For Dynamic Range the D750 is ½ a stop better than Sony a99, with a score of 14.5 Evs compared to 14 Evs, and offers a big 2.5 stops improvement over the EOS 6D with 12.1 Evs. Low light ISO performance is the weakest aspect of the Sony a99’s sensor performance and with an ISO score of ISO2956 the D750 offers 1 stop improved low-light performance over the a99. Canon’s EOS 6D doesn’t fare too badly in this regard however, sitting in between the Nikon and Sony options for ISO with a score of ISO 2340.