Nikon D750 Sensor Review: Another Nikon sensor in the DxOMark top 10

By Paul Carroll - Thursday October 23 2014

Sensor Review
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With three different Nikon product lines occupying the semi-pro DSLR space there’s lots of choice for the serious enthusiasts or pro Nikon shooters after a back up body. The D750 offers a similar 24Mp resolution to the Nikon D610 and achieves very similar DxOMark sensor scores, too. With an overall score of 94 for the D610 it’s just a single point ahead of the D750, but essentially they offer the same image quality with comparable results in all sub scores.

Both the D750 and D610 are marginally behind the D810 overall however, which offers a significant improvement for Colour Depth with a score of 25.7 bits. All three Nikon full frame DSLRs boast comparable and outstanding results for Dynamic Range, which should prick the interest of landscape photographers, and the D750 is just ahead for low light ISO performance. If you need huge resolution and excellent Colour Depth the Nikon D810 is the one to go for, otherwise these Nikon sensors offer comparable and excellent image quality.