Nikon D800 Review

Wednesday February 08 2012

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Nikon D800 Review

Despite its success with its latest high-end camera models (the Nikon D3s and D3x), Nikon had yet to respond to the great success of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, whose superior resolution and numerous features (notably with respect to video) simply outclassed the aging Nikon D700.

Nikon did even better than expected, offering the D800 at less than 2899 euros, tax included ($2999) — the highest-resolution DSLR on the market: 36 Mpix on a 24 x 36mm sensor with a pixel pitch of 4.9 µm.

Highlights for this new camera:

  • A very-high-resolution sensor (36 Mpix)
  • A more accurate and rapid autofocus
  • A video mode that corresponds to the current standard of full HD 1080p at 30 fps
  • Capability of recording uncompressed full HD thanks to an HDMI port
  • A 91,000-point cross-type sensor that in principle should allow for greater accuracy not just for the autofocus but also for all embedded processes in the new ISP
  • Embedded HDR mode for 16-bit image processing
  • WIFI and USB 3.0 connectivity