Nikon D800 Review

Wednesday February 08 2012

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To conclude... for now

Some photographers might be a bit dismayed by the overly-high resolution of this camera, given how enormous the memory footprint will be when shooting in either RAW or JPEG. It is hard to imagine just how much this may impact post-processing time; in short, if you choose this camera, make sure your PC can handle it!

And, too, the D800’s positioning is a bit surprising: it isn’t hard to imagine that some photographers will happily settle for fewer pixels so as not to pay quite so much for a camera.

Finally, with its D800 model, Nikon has put together all the features that any expert photographer would expect of a camera appearing in 2012. And, even if its sensor results are exceptional, many questions remain to be answered. In particular, we need to see how well FX lenses behave on the D800.

We are also looking forward to be able to compare the two new Nikon flagship cameras with the Canon 1Dx and Canon 5D Mark II.