Nikon D800E nabs top ranking from D800

Thursday June 21 2012

Sensor Review
Introduction | Nikon D800E Sensor performance | Nikon D800E Versus Competition | Conclusion

The one-point spread between Nikon’s D800E and the D800 is so small that it can be considered a draw – the two are practically identical. Both cameras had exceptional performances in every DxOMark sensor quality category, and will almost certainly exceed the expectations of photographers.

DxOMark will further analyze these two cameras through lens tests. These optics reviews will provide a better picture of how these cameras operate differently.

For example, will the absence of the anti-aliasing filter in the D800E give it an edge in sharpness and resolution over the D800? If this is proven true in DxOMark’s optics tests, the D800E would be a better product for landscape and nature photographers who depend on cameras that excel at capturing crisp images and preserving details.

Inversely, will the D800E’s missing low-pass optical filter make it vulnerable to moiré patterns? If this is the case, fashion or architecture photographers should consider the D800. Its embedded anti-aliasing filter will prevent the moiré effect from creating those unwanted wavy patterns over repetitive manmade lines and shapes found in fabrics and buildings.

Check back with DxOMark soon, as we’ll have detailed and comprehensive answers to these questions in future lens reviews!