Nikon Df review: New low light champion?

By Kevin Carter - Monday December 09 2013

Sensor Review
Introduction | Nikon Df sensor performance: Best Low-Light ISO score | Nikon Df Versus Nikon D4: Competitive Edge? | Nikon Df Versus Nikon D800: Complementary performance | Nikon Df Versus Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Conclusion



The Nikon Df achieves a DxOMark sensor score of 89 points and is ranked 11th overall but sits in 1st place in our low light scores with an ISO 3,279 rating.

It’s only marginally ahead of the D4 and more by luck than judgment it’s ahead of the D3s; though in real world terms the low-light capabilities are the same.

The Df is ranked 18th for Color depth matching some older MF models such as the Pentax 645D but just behind the Sony A7R, and comes in 32nd place for DR, just behind the APS-C NEX-6.