Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 sensor review: Potent point-and-shoot

By Kevin Carter - Thursday November 27 2014

Sensor Review
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Achieving a DxOMark score of 67 points, the sensor in the LX100 ranks in 118th place in the DxOMark database of all sensor formats and in 10th place for Micro-Four-Thirds, which is only slightly below the best in this format, the Lumix GH4 with a score of 74 points.

Color depth measured at 22.3 bits is on par for the related sensor found in other Panasonic cameras, such as the recently-tested Lumix DMC-GM5 model, but the Dynamic range of 12.5 EVs is a good result, even if the low-light ISO score of 553 ISO isn’t as high and restricts the overall performance. For noticeable improvement in low-light capabilities a larger sensor is needed, such as that found in the APS-C Ricoh GR. Although it has a fixed focal length lens, it has a low-light score of 972 ISO (plus better DR and Color sensitivity) and an overall DxOMark score of 78 points.