Pentax HD DA 35mm f2.8 Macro Limited lens review: Discerning choice

By Kevin Carter - Friday December 20 2013

Lens Review
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We were curious to compare the new lens with the equivalent co-developed model from Tokina, the AT-X M35 Pro DX AF, but as it’s no longer made (and never fitted with a Pentax mount) we’ve had to compare it with a Nikon body attached. With the new 24-Mpix D7100 (sans AA filter), the Tokina, which shares the same optical design as the Pentax model, is capable of higher peak sharpness.


On the earlier Nikon D7000 peak sharpness of 9P-Mpix was recorded, so it’s likely the new HD version is at least capable of matching the Tokina and D7100 with a similar sensor. In other respects the Tokina performs as per the Pentax, though the slight difference in CA may be due to the coatings or sensor design.