Pentax K-3 review: Unshakeable Image Quality

By Kevin Carter - Monday November 25 2013

Sensor Review
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With its quasi AA-filter design, the introduction of the Pentax K-3 signals a change in direction from makers offering a choice of models differing only by their filter-design. Not only does it simplify the choice at the time of purchase there is the potential to save money with no real need to buy a second body for the slightly different functionality. If, however, a back up is required (as is usually the case if being used professionally) then the user can benefit from the identical layout and menus, while having two bodies with the same capabilities. 
We’ve not yet assessed the resolving power of the sensor but with specific regard to color, DR and low light performance the quality of output is unaffected by the new AA feature, making the Pentax K-3 sorely tempting choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.