Pentax K-3 review: Unshakeable Image Quality

By Kevin Carter - Monday November 25 2013

Sensor Review
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In all of our tests with the filter off, the Pentax K-3 achieves a high ranking coming in 15th place overall with a DxOMark Sensor of 80 points.

However, this is slightly lower than expected. Had the K-3 offered an ISO80 setting like its predecessors then the score would almost certainly have been on a par with them, click through to see the comparison Pentax K3 vs Pentax K5 II vs Pentax K5 IIs

As a result the K-3 has slightly lower scores for Low ISO individual metrics (Portrait and Landscape), but the differences are marginal, with perhaps the exception of dynamic range where the K-3 has -0.7 of a stop less than the K-5II models overall.