Pentax K-5 IIs maintains the excellence of its sister model the K-5 II

By Paul Carroll - Friday December 07 2012

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K-5 IIs ranks as high as the K-5 II

Pentax K5IIs DxOMark Score
Pentax K5IIs DxOMark Score
The removal of the anti-aliasing filter on the K-5 IIs has made virtually no difference when compared to the DxO Mark Camera Sensor Ratings for its sister model the K-5 II.

With the same DxOMark Overall Score of 82 as the K-5 II removing the anti-aliasing filter hasn’t negatively impacted image quality on the K-5 IIs. The K-5 IIs maintains the excellent results of the K-5 II keeping it in an amazing 12th position overall, only behind professional full-frame and medium format cameras from Nikon, Sony and Phase One. The K-5 IIs achieves the same DxOMark Overall Score as Pentax 645D medium format and Nikon D3s professional cameras and is well ahead of its semi-pro rivals, like the Canon 7D, Nikon D7000, and Sony A77.

Digging a little deeper the K-5 IIs Portrait Score (Color Depth) of 23.9 bits places it 20th overall, just fractionally better than the K-5 II, and the leading camera in the semi-pro range.

 Excellence continues in the Landscape Score too, with the K-5 IIs achieving a stunning 14.1Evs of Dynamic Range that places it 4th out of all cameras and is only outdone by the Nikon D800, D800E and Sony A99.

The Sports Score (Low-Light ISO) of 1208 ISO on the K-5 IIs is equal to that of the K-5 II, but in this aspect the camera doesn’t live up to the high standards set in the Portrait & Landscape Scores, which has impacted on its DxOMark Overall Score of 82.