Pentax K-50 review: attractive performance but is there any improvement on earlier iterations?

By Kevin Carter - Monday July 22 2013

Sensor Review
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While perhaps the sensor in the K-50 is looking a little dated, there’s no denying it is capable of outstanding image quality. Couple that with, arguably, the more promising overall camera specification and a design aesthetic intended to suit enthusiasts and semi professionals alike and Pentax is clearly on to something.

Pentax also has one of the most tempting lens ranges with a large number of models designed specifically for APS-C format bodies. It all adds up to an enticing alternative to the usual brands and all without the usual price premium that’s often associated with switching brands.

We’re working hard on expanding the range of Pentax lenses in our database, but we’re interested to know if there are certain models that you would like to see reviewed first. Please leave your recommendations in the comments section below.