Pentax K-50 review: attractive performance but is there any improvement on earlier iterations?

By Kevin Carter - Monday July 22 2013

Sensor Review
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With an overall DxOMarkSensor Score of 79 points, the K-50 ranks 30th in our database, just ahead of the full-frame Alpha 900 and 850, and alongside others from the firm including the APS-C format K 01 and last year’s K-30.

As a result individual metric scores are very good for an APS-C format camera. With a very high Portrait score of 23.7 bits, and wide dynamic range of 13Evs, in good lighting conditions the K-50 can capture images with nuanced color and a quality very close to that of the best full-frame sensors.

In low light, APS-C format cameras still can’t compete with their full-frame rivals but the K-50 still achieves a very good score (ISO 1120), which is on a par with rival models.